Become a Partner

Become a partner with these four steps:

Step 1: Get an Adobe ID

If you do not have an existing Adobe ID start by creating one.

Get an Adobe ID
Step 2: Enroll

Complete the Partner Enrollment Form.

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Step 3: Evaluation

Your Partner Enrollment application will be evaluated for

Step 4: Approval

Once your enrollment is evaluated you will be notified of Partner Approval or a request to provide more information.

Program Benefits

  • Easy Access to Adobe’s open APIs and SDKs and technical assistance to build your extension
  • Complimentary development licenses of Creative Cloud applications
  • Marketing resources, guidelines and demo assets
  • Easy access to Adobe’s Beta Program
  • Listing on Adobe’s Video Partner Finder site
  • Regular updates on Adobe’s Product Direction

Program Requirements

  • Build an extension or implement hardware or software optimizations for one or more of Adobe’s Video applications
  • Communicate regularly with Adobe to ensure compatibility and performance of your solutions
  • Actively test your solutions with the latest Adobe application builds
  • Offer and promote current, brand-compliant information about your Adobe integrated solutions
  • Submit and regularly maintain a listing for the Adobe Video Partner Finder
  • Register as an Exchange Developer
  • Actively work with Adobe to resolve technical issues that may arise with our mutual customers