Company Overview

Atomos builds products that bridge the gap between advanced computing technologies and the imaging world. Giving users better ways to monitor, record, play and edit their work. Atomos enables filmmakers at all levels with monitor/recorders that work with both consumer and professional cameras. These combine powerful recording in professional formats with the latest HDR screens. The built-in AtomOS system is powerful, expandable, yet easy to use. Atomos also make modules and convertors that offer a complete range of connectivity options. All products allow users to work faster at higher quality, giving them the time they need to be more creative.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Recording to an Atomos product delivers production-read files that are immediately available for editing in Adobe software. This streamlines workflows and removes the need for transcoding.
For RAW workflows, Atomos records to CinemaDNG providing maximum flexibility for grading and visual effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Adobe After Effects CC.

Key Differentiators

Atomos unlocks the creative vision of filmmakers by combining professional monitoring and recording into one box on top of your camera. Complex video tools are made simple with the custom AtomOS operating system, which combines powerful computing with an elegant user interface. Anyone from the novice to the Hollywood DP can now expose, focus and record perfect HDR or SDR footage. Atomos does this by working closely with the main camera brands and software companies. The recent launch of ProRes RAW with Atomos recorders is the perfect example of this. The company will continue to innovate, putting filmmakers first and delivering creative tools at amazing prices.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro