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Video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro

Film Impact

Company Overview

Film Impact’s Premium Transitions have become essential tools for Professional Video editors, TV-broadcast stations, and major production houses all over the world.

  • With 219K+ active users, over 2.7M views on Vimeo and thousands of monthly downloads —
  • We released our first free premium video transition in 2010, known around the world as the Impact Push.
  • It has become a go-to staple video transition for many video editors, even to this day.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Film Impact plugins integrate seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro. After installation, the Premium Video Transitions will be listed in your Effects Library under Video Transitions. Just drag and drop the effects from the Effects Library on to your edits. Simply modify the effect’s parameters in the Effects Controls Panel.

Essentials Collection

  • 12 Uniquely crafted and powerful video transitions —
  • Ready to improve your video editing projects everyday.
  • Fully GPU Accelerated (CUDA, OpenCL, METAL)

Visions Collection

  • Apply Stunning Distortions, Transformers and Dazzling Lights & Blurs
  • Inspires new ways to make the cut — one frame at a time.
  • Spark your creativity and ignite your passion…

The Big Bang

  • Unlimited Access to every plugin we’ve built.
  • Enjoy our ever-growing library of Premium Video Transitions
  • Experience the Power of our SmartVideo Editing™ Tools
  • Animate effortlessly using our Motion Impacts plugins!
  • Reach for new horizons and get your projects Green-Lit faster.

Key Differentiators

Powered by the latest GPU technologies (CUDA, OpenCL and Apple METAL) —

  • Film Impact plugins are the best performing video transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Create stylized and elegant video transitions matching the right look and feel in just a few clicks.
  • Our SmartVideo™ Editing Technology puts you in precise control to get incredibly smooth transitions.
  • Need 3D Motion Blur? Film Impact designed one of the fastest rendering engines to create 3D reveals with stunning quality.

We’ve got an eye for detail!

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Premiere Pro