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Large File Delivery, Solved.


Company Overview

MASV provides the fastest and most reliable way for video professionals to transfer time critical, massive (20GB+) files by maxing out transfer speeds in most locations around the world. It harnesses an accelerated network of 160 servers to send, receive and track huge video files, from anywhere in the world, on time. MASV offers pay-as-you-go pricing, making it an ideal solution for video and creative professionals whose requirements may vary from month to month. Its easy-to-use interface means anyone can use it without training or tutorials. Put simply, MASV is large file delivery, solved.

Adobe Integrations Overview

The MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines the process of client delivery and remote project collaboration by enabling sending files directly from Premiere with a few clicks. Learn more at

Key Differentiators

  • No limits on file size. MASV can handle multi-terabyte files and full project folders with ease, all right from your browser.
  • Super fast file transfers. Upload and download at up to 1Gbps from around the globe, even when sending large video files.
  • Unstoppable reliability. MASV easily recovers from network instability, automatically resuming the transfer process.
  • The easy-to-use interface requires no special training or tutorials, making it simple for clients to send files, even if they aren’t familiar with MASV.
  • Pay-as-you-go billing is ideal for video and creative professionals whose transfer requirements vary.
  • MASV encrypts files both in-flight and at rest, allows password protection on all file transfers, and takes advantage of ultra-secure Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
  • “Always-on” support means we will do whatever it takes to support our customers

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro