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Company Overview

nachtblau has been developing and implementing media, IT and broadcast projects in moving image productions since 2005. As a full-service partner, nachtblau supports the entire range of work processes from planning, development and execution all the way to the customized adaption of production storage, video editing and media asset management systems. Drawing on comprehensive experience in TV and video productions, nachtblau GmbH has developed ‘medialoopster’, a media asset management solution that implements production processes faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively. medialoopster enables more effective management of moving images during the production process. Moreover, it is also a highly sustainable solution as these images can potentially be re-used.

Adobe Integrations Overview

The medialoopster Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a fully integrated HTML5-Panel, which makes video editing simple, fast and convenient. The panel gives users immediate access to all medialoopster features inside Premiere Pro.

Key Differentiators

You are not just dealing with an IT manufacturer or retailer but with experienced film production experts who are privy to the demands of your daily business. Thus, you benefit from competent project associates and get efficient solutions as well as professional support for your medialoopster Media Asset Management. nachtblau developed medialoopster, a workflow solution for extremely quick and easy editing of video material. With medialoopster, video assets and associated metadata can be used, organized, and shared in an optimal way. Thanks to the openness of the medialoopster platform, nachtblau is able to provide its customers with integrated and collaborative end-to-end workflows. There are openly defined interfaces for the optimal connection of partner solutions.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro