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v3 is dimensional. Everything else is just flat.®

Vision III Imaging Inc

Company Overview

Vision III Imaging, Inc., is located in Reston, Virginia and specializes in advanced parallax visualization technologies for military and entertainment imaging markets.

v3 imaging technologies have been developed for creating, capturing and displaying three-dimensional parallax depth information. These technologies are designed to allow users to generate and assemble imagery with a high degree of precision.

The company has been able to develop and patent a series of fundamental proprietary parallax visualization technologies and tools. When fully deployed, the v3 products will provide users with a significant competitive advantage in the market. Your product will get noticed!

Adobe Integrations Overview

QuickS3D-GPU plug-in for Premiere Pro & After Effects – With GPU acceleration up to 17 times faster rendering and playback in 4K!

The QS3DX Plug-in has been upgraded to the QS3D-GPU toolset which now includes GPU acceleration in After Effects. The QS3D-GPU is perfectly suited for editing stereoscopic content created for entertainment, surgical, industrial and microscopic 3D imaging devices. v3 makes managing and editing stereoscopic/3D content fast and efficient.

Key Differentiators

v3 technologies create imagery that appears more dimensional and realistic, with enhanced textures, to maximize users’ quality of experience on all conventional displays. This can be done in real time video shoots or in post-production. The process works equally well with stereoscopic 3D imaging.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro