Company Overview

YEPCO’s core focus is on designing and creating data connectors which can dramatically reduce turnaround times and increase output from sports content investments.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Yepco’s automated marker creation feature is supporting importing game data as markers into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The metadata added can be easily searched using the Premiere Pro search box.

Key Differentiators

The YEPCO connector cuts time as sports events no longer have to be logged manually. With the direct transfer of sports data feeds data (Opta, Sportradar, Olympics, and more) to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the connector allows for much quicker turnaround times. In this way production teams and journalists can get the content they want published sooner. The connector allows for autologging Edit-While-Capture clips, so that no time is lost in the production process.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro